Should You Consider Halloween Upgrade For Your Business Logo

When was the last time you gave a retouch to your logo design after you got it delivered to your email from your logo designing firm! Ages, isn’t it? And why should you, as your every penny made it possible for you to have the perfect logo. A customized logo that serves its purpose just right. However, you might want to give it a magical touch, once in a while to make the best of the everything? Not sure what that would be, read on to explore.

It is impossible to miss the small Santa cap on the vlc media player icon every Christmas season, isn’t it! That is a classic example of logo customization for Christmas. Several brands modify their respective brands as per the trending holiday seasons. There is one such upcoming festival in line that certainly demands you to modify your brand logo. Yes, you have guessed it right, the halloween. It’s the only time of the year when people are all dressed up as witches, vampire and what not.

While, you are spending so much on dressing yourselves and your tailoring your business to attract more audience during this festive time, why making your logo the same old self? Try to make a customized logo just for this duration and see how it attracts more and more audience to your business. As per statistics, the businesses that promote Halloween through their customized products and services, earn as much as 15 percent of the entire year’s profit, within this week’s period. And getting customized logo design is an excellent way of attaining the goals.

Does that mean, you need to get a totally new logo? Well, definitely not. If the logo design of your brand is serving its purpose right, changing it is not recommended. Instead, all you need to do is to add an element or two in your logo. These elements can be anything of your choice. Though you can add them by placing it on the log design yourself, the outcome result is less likely to be attractive. So, let the professionals handle what they do best.

Are you all excited to make the best out of this upcoming Halloween! Then hire a logo design firm today to get your all-new Halloween themed custom logo design. Place your order now!


The Diversification Of Walt Disney Logos

The Walt Disney Company started out as tiny little company created by an enterprising man by the name of Walt Disney. Today, of course, Walt Disney Co. is a multi-billion dollar corporation with theme parks in many countries, a faithful fan base and many hit movies to their name. One factor that has always worked in the favour of this company is the fantastical look of their famous quality logo designs.

Walt Disney logo designs have been diversified for years. This brand recognition has helped propel the company to the lofty heights it occupies. A mother looking for a movie for her young children to see is quite likely to seek out the Disney brand and millions of others do the same. Anyone wanting to create a branding empire of their own should consider the lessons of this famous company.

There are different logos for each domain of Walt Disney production house. Here we will take a look at the 6 famous logos that are conquering the world.

1. Walt Disney Company

cheap logo design uk

The company logo of Walt Disney. The elements of this basic logo have been modified in most of its domains later.

2. Walt Disney Pictures

images (9)

The famous movie house of Walt Disney. The outline of the castle adds the hint of the magical essence in it.

3. Walt Disney Animation Studios


It is where all the magic happens. The addition of Mickey Mouse was a bonus that complete the look altogether.

4. Disneyland


The most amazing theme park in the world certainly got what it needed

5. Disney Channel


All the amazing cartoons are featured here, along with other home production tv movies and Tv shows.

6. Disney XD


The newest channel of Disney for cartoon lovers, needless to say in the HD.

There can be no denying that the Walt Disney logo is an amazing example of quality logo design and is incredibly effective. Millions of people across the world can recognize the Disney logo at a glance. The logo is probably so successful because it adapts to a changing audience. If you want the same as your own business is growing, you can also go for a new logo design.

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